The pen of a ready writer

All the makings of a charismatic publisher-author were wrapped up in concentrated hours of research, drafting, editing, finishing, and delivering projects that began with just one thought. Since 1999, over eighteen  publications have rolled off her computer one by one. Under the expertise of Holy Spirit, Kathryn Joy Foster's seasoned penmanship has created for Read All Over Publishing: two children's literary works, a full-day workforce development curriculum and post-workshop journal for the signature course of the International Ambassador Institute, a self-study course, four topical ebooks and six reference guides,  and three theater musical productions and a host of collaborative works in partnership with the Kathryn Joy Foster Music Ministries, Kaleidisc International, and KeyNote Music Service.

Kathryn Joy Foster

In the beginning was the Word. Now that same Word has been made flesh through the heart of Kathryn Joy Foster. Sitting quietly and penning poetry as a teenager marked the beginning of her writing experience. Kathryn then entered several writing contests and won two scholarships from the Martha Holden Jennings Scholarship toward her college education. Creating lyrics added a twist to her versatile style as Kathryn moved from penning poetry to song writing at 18 years old.

"My heart overflows with a pleasing theme;  I address my verses to the king;
    my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe."

​Psalm 45:1, English Standard Version, (ESV)

Publisher & Author

The prompting to select some of the topics authored first seemed like adding the same old information to an already flooded market. She thought there wasn’t a need to explore or release what was to her a sure sign of duplication to the public. Being obedient to Holy Spirit's voice, she was amazed as the mysteries of the kingdom of God unfolded. She humbly says that "she is the scribe for the Lord; day by day she is becoming a better listener to the small, still voice of God."

Surrendering herself to possess the pen of a ready writer for the Spirit of God, Kathryn inquisitively devoted innumerable hours to receiving transforming secrets from above through study, prayer and meditating on the Word. Equally as important, revelation of the truth was derived from first-hand instruction and experiences that add indisputable evidence to their

authenticity. This continuous effort interprets the commanding Word of God more concisely. With greater clarity and accurate comprehension, there will be an increase in holistic life application. It has compelled her to lend her eyes, ears, and heart to experience an improved quality of life in Christ, which each publication shares with its reader and/or listener. 

"Earlier in 2016, I began preparing to give a presentation really believing that I had received the mind of Christ on what was to be delivered. What I thought was final was only just the first draft. I had a dream where I heard these two words, surrender composing. From that day, I began to see the transformation of that message and others, not just the tradition behind it. There is so much more of the Lord that He desires us to experience from His heart and from His hands," says Foster as she ponders on the supernatural impact on her upcoming releases slated for 2017 and beyond.

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Heaven is overflowing with chronicles to release in the earth. In fact, Kathryn has been working on three future releases for Read All Over Publishing. Kat UndercoverLive Like You Were Designed, and The Power of an Endless Life

You can expect to receive the same pattern--all drenched with the incorruptible Word of God that lives and abides forever.

No other voice is more important on earth than the sound of heaven resounding in your heart.