Promises Musical Theater Production Kit will be released soon. Scroll down to sample some of the musical selections from another live stage-tested original innovation by Kathryn Joy Foster. Some of Life in the Blood originals are an integral part of the musical selections in Promises. Instead of solo performances, the songs have been creatively arranged for the production chorus. Email  us to receive an update on the release of Promises.

This musical is a spin-off of Kathryn's book, Pathway to ProsperityClick here to browse and buy the inspiration behind Promises now.

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​​​Life in the Blood CD and mp3 albums showcase original and cover songs that decree and declare the blood of Jesus, the signature of God's love for the world.

All ten originals were penned, recorded and produced by Kathryn Joy Foster: All Because of You-Lord of the Breakthrough; Still; Worthy is the Lamb; Miracle of Salvation; Breathe Again; Redeemed; Promises; Glorify Your Name; Be Still; and You are Faithful. Performance tracks are available for all originals: call 216-486-8615 to special order.

Familiar melodies like, The Blood will Never Lose its Power and a medley of four songs her grandmother Sarah "Big-Ma" Burns taught to her Neighborhood Choir are included: Oh the Blood of Jesus; Nothing but the Blood; My Redeemer; and There's Power in the Blood. The blood-drenched lyrics in these melodies make the album complete. They all honor Jesus Christ's precious sacrifice and offering.

Download your complimentary copy of the Life in the Blood companion ebooklet now. Written by Kathryn Joy Foster and published by Read All Over Publishing.

"For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us."   

2 Corinthians 1:20

"Dedicated to my greatest supporter my mother, Mary Foster who unknowingly inspired me to sing, simply with her own song. I didn't realize that I hadn't told her she was my idol until I was recording the album's vocal tracks," Kathryn Joy Foster. 

Watch Kathryn Joy Foster's entreating rendition of Rain. It simply creates an atmosphere of expectancy for Holy Spirit not to just visit, but to find continual rest upon you. Click to view on YouTube. Then scroll down to browse and buy the latest digital solo mp3 performances that were written and added to Promises Musical Theater Production Kit after the initial onstage performance: Rain, Due Season, Everlasting Love, and King of Glory. These four songs bring a finishing touch to this electric musical theater production of Promises.

There are just some things that are better together. Our collaborative works are delivered to you by our Dominion Network Partners: Kathryn Joy Foster Music Ministries, KeyNote Music Service, Kaleidisc International and Read Over Publishing. Read the press release that announced Everlasting Love mp3 Single to the world. It's bound to be a classic.

Promises soon to be released

Red the color of God's Love

Undetected under the shadow of the Almighty's wings

What’s more reliable than dialing 9-1-1? Psalm 91:1
Don’t be deceived. You cannot properly prepare for an emergency during an actual emergency. Equip yourself daily with a psalm of deliverance God personally responds to whenever you call on His name in truth. Cover yourself, family, and loved ones with the time-tested text from Psalm 91 set to music, Hiding Place. Entreat the Eternal Refuge to bring your soul confidently into a safe haven of rest at all times.

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The Kathryn Joy Foster Music Ministries leads a variety of artistic projects. It has a multi-genre format that
showcases local and international independent artists on Heaven Drenched Online Radio Station (HDOR), Kings
Portion Live Radio Show weekly podcast, and Live Artist Showcases. Serving with Kaleidisc International,

Music Service and Read All Over Publishing, they satisfy viewing, reading, listening, producing, and performing audiences with scores of authentic artistic alternatives including, but not limited to: artist and repertoire development; musical theater productions/kits; music and spoken word projects; digital newsletters; eBooks; transformational instruction; and children’s music.

Interested in receiving an update about the release of Promises Musical Theater Production Kit, submit your contact information to info@epagesoflife.com

David “D-Mun” Munford, Jr., Producer
Kathryn Joy Foster, Executive Producer
Kathryn Joy Foster, Composer & Psalmist
David Munford, Jr. and Fred Council V, Background Vocals

David Munford, Jr. and Fred Council V, Background Arrangement
Will Suddeth, Piano and Synthesizer Bass
David Munford, Jr., Organ & other instruments
Fred Council V, Live Drums
Kathryn Joy Foster & David Munford Jr., Spoken Word
Warren Harris, Master

Kaleidisc International, KeyNote Music Service, Kathryn Joy Foster Music Ministries and Read All Over Publishing

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Dominion Network Partners

"For the life of a creature is in the blood,

and I have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for yourselves; for it is the blood that makes atonement

because of the life."

Leviticus 17:11,

Complete Jewish Bible

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